How many IPs are needed to setup two node Failover Cluster?


Answer   – 7

Resources                                                                              Number of IPs

Private Network,i,e Heart Beat (one per node)                 2

Public Network (one per node)                                               2

MSDTC       (if involved)                                                              1

Windows Cluster Name                                                             1

SQL Server Cluster Name (FCI)                                               2

  • Storage (if iSCSI targets are used, Not required with HBA – 1 IP per node
  • In case for installing a Multi-instance Failover Cluster, then it should have additional SQL Server Cluster names and IP addresses.


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Author: MStechJi

IT professional with 8.5 years of experience in providing Remote Infrastructure Support in Windows Server environment including MS Azure. Intent to increase my knowledge and experience and share some tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

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