New Features in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) 2012.

Improvements and new features are broadly classified into four major categories:

4VDuMP  (Mnemonic 2 remember)-  Virtualisation, DeploymentUpgradation,Management,addsPlatformchanges

  • Virtualization –  greater support for the capabilities of public and private clouds through virtualization-safe technologies and the rapid deployment of virtual domain controllers through cloning.
  • Simplified deployment and upgrade preparationdcpromo and adprep have been replaced with a new streamlined domain controller promotion wizard that is integrated with Server Manager and built on Windows PowerShell. It validates prerequisites, automates forest and domain preparation, requires only a single set of logon credentials, and it can remotely install AD DS on a target server.
  • Simplified management –  Dac,Daodj, adfs, ADBA,gMSA,
  1. Dynamic Access Control
  2. DirectAccess Offline Domain Join
  3. Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
  4. Windows PowerShell History Viewer
  5. Active Directory Recycle Bin User Interface
  6. Fine-Grained Password Policy User Interface
  7. Active Directory Replication and Topology Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  8. Active Directory Based Activation (AD BA)
  9. Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA)
  • AD DS Platform Changes –
    1. AD DS Claims in AD FS
    2. Relative ID (RID) Improvements
    3. Deferred Index Creation
    4. Kerberos Enhancements


Author: MStechJi

IT professional with 8.5 years of experience in providing Remote Infrastructure Support in Windows Server environment including MS Azure. Intent to increase my knowledge and experience and share some tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

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