What are situations when you should seize/transfer FSMO role?

Transfer role in below situations

  • The current role holder is operational and can be accessed on the network by the new FSMO owner.
  • You are gracefully demoting a domain controller that currently owns FSMO roles that you want to assign to a specific domain controller in your Active Directory forest.
  • The domain controller that currently owns FSMO roles is being taken offline for scheduled maintenance and you need specific FSMO roles to be assigned to a “live” domain controller. This may be required to perform operations that connect to the FSMO owner. This would be especially true for the PDC Emulator role but less true for the RID master role, the Domain naming master role and the Schema master roles.

Seize FSMO roles in the following scenarios:

  • The current role holder is experiencing an operational error that prevents an FSMO-dependent operation from completing successfully and that role cannot be transferred.
  • A domain controller that owns an FSMO role is force-demoted by using the dcpromo /forceremoval command.
  • The operating system on the computer that originally owned a specific role no longer exists or has been reinstalled.

Author: MStechJi

IT professional with 8.5 years of experience in providing Remote Infrastructure Support in Windows Server environment including MS Azure. Intent to increase my knowledge and experience and share some tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

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